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Prada a beautiful story of Italian style fashion

Why would the Devil select Prada as his clothing style preference? What's so special about this century-old jewel hidden in its waterproof nylon bag and crushed by its flame-embellished stiletto heels? Could it be that eccentric non-conformist yet refined elitist side that sets the brand apart from other Houses? Or is it that subtle blend that perfectly combines good and bad taste?  It's the Prada success story.

by Eugénie Rousak


NOW au naturel – The Organic Make-up Look

The skin is an organ composed of several layers of tissue, it absorbs the products we apply to our face every day.  The make-up used is thus found in our body. It is therefore important to choose your make-up carefully in order to preserve and sublimate our skin.

by Laetitia Socquet


Attitude Bio beauty salon and boutique

Attitude bio is a charming address in the heart of the Carouge district, a 100% natural beauty salon imagined to recharge your batteries and rediscover a taste for the essential.


Guerlain, in the name of beauty for 190 years

Much more than a simple emblem of the House, the bee is a symbol of Guerlain's almost bicentennial history. Sometimes landing on the vials of the iconic perfume Eau de Cologne Impériale, sometimes deriving their delicious nectar from the Abeille royale line, sometimes visiting the ten hives at the production site, they sprinkle pollen on the soft flower petals. The brand's raw material, the latter are revealed in expert hands to reveal their unique aromas to the noses of the Guerlain dynasty. Thus begins the game of blends, weddings and divorces. So delicate, so subtle, so Guerlain.

by Eugénie Rousak


Fanny Smith – We’re all going to become skicross fans!

by Laëtitia Cadiou