22 February 2021

5 swiss museums to visit online

by Marie Carrecabe

A desire for discovery and culture? Everything is possible thanks to the virtual exhibitions offered by the museums of Geneva and Lausanne. NOW selection of exhibitions not to be missed!

The Museum of Art and History in Geneva

©Museum of Art and History, “Bas les Masques” collection

The MAH complies with sanitary measures and offers you a virtual visit of its gallery. Between paintings, sculptures and collectibles, the collections are rich and the themes lend themselves to current events. We can thus find the collection “Bas Les Masques” which retraces the different uses of masks, sometimes festive, sometimes warlike, through time, before it became a sanitary obligation. As well as the front page gallery ” Des Câlins ! “which offers a dose of affection by proxy. Through 28 objects, there are love scenes in all its forms. At the antipodes of our current reality, this collection will make you forget social distancing. Bonus: you can create your online gallery by submitting your personal collection and share it with other users.

The Museum of Ethnography of Geneva

From its YouTube channel, the MEG invites you to take part in a very private guided tour, led by a curator, a scientific collaborator or even the artist himself. This is the case of the contemporary Maori artist George Nuku who expresses his vision of Maori art and the showcase he designed for the Museum of Ethnography in Geneva. From Jean Dubuffet to Buddha, the explanatory videos of MEG collaborators give us the pleasant impression of being an art history student back on the university benches. MEG also offers free online lectures and meetings. The next one: “Considering Music as Part of the Sound Environment” by Gisa Jaehnichen, Ecomusicologist, will be available via videoconference on Wednesday, March 3, 2021 from 2-4pm.

The Richter and Buxtorf Gallery in Lausanne

©Galerie Richter et Buxtrof, collection Manfred Gerber

Gilles Richter and Régine Buxtorf, forerunners in terms of virtual tours, had already set up 360° captures of most of their exhibitions. Thus, they offer a wide range of exhibitions online: you can find no less than 34 exhibitions that have taken place in their gallery over the last 8 years. On the front page of their virtual museum, Gilles Richter and Régine Buxtorf propose the Manfred Gerber Collection, assemblages on wood panels realized by the artist Avril between 1970 and 2005. Like a character in a video game, the virtual tour of the exhibition gives us the freedom to wander between the works and linger as long as we wish, without being called to order by the sound announcement: “the museum is closing its doors”.

Ariana the Swiss Museum of Ceramics and Glass

©Ariana, the Swiss Museum of Ceramics and Glass

Every Thursday between 10 a.m. and noon, until the end of March 2021 with 4 meetings on Thursdays from 10 a.m. to noon, the Ariana Museum invites you to live a unique auditory art experience from the comfort of your couch. All you have to do is reserve a slot on the museum site, or by phone at 022 418 54 54, at the latest the day before, and the cultural mediators of the Swiss Museum of Ceramics and Glass will call you to tell you the history of some of the pieces in the exhibition. An intimate telephone interview that will plunge you into the special world of the only institution in Switzerland (and among the most important of its kind internationally) to offer such a comprehensive view of the history of ceramics and glass.

The Historical Museum of Lausanne

©The Historical Museum of Lausanne

The Historical Museum of Lausanne, now a hundred years old, has extended its field of activities far beyond that of guardian of the local heritage. The MHL offers an experience called “listen – see” in which a work of art is proposed to you, along with its audio explanation. Whether it is a photograph, a painting or an object, the works are listed by theme and accompanied by an audio track allowing you to listen to an in-depth explanation. You will discover the 7 chapters of the exhibition as well as the flash tours through their audio commentaries.