12 April 2022

Trendy accessories for dogs and cats

by Laetitia Socquet

You want to pamper your pet?
Here are some great places to pamper your pet

Nothing is too good for our faithful four-legged friends! Beautiful addresses and online stores now offer a wide range of accessories for pets. Baskets, games, and accessories all more design than the others. Here is a selection that will definitely improve their comfort while remaining an asset of taste for its interior decoration.

Design Baskets

Fatboy‘s Doggielounge is the ultimate dog bed. No more wet dog smell: the Doggielounge is easy to clean with soapy water. To be ordered on the Fatboy website, or to be found in the boutiques of Geneva and Lausanne.

For small dogs, the WOUAPY soft basket is extremely soft and comfortable thanks to the siliconized padding. Several sizes and colors are available … this year, the trend is brown!

©Ikea ©Fatboy

For cats, we crack at Ikea ! “Lurvig” is a small and comfortable kennel to place on the floor or to insert in one of your famous Ikea “KALLAX” shelves. Very practical and discreet.

The Igloo cat house at Ikea is also stylish, and cozy! In addition, the color is reversible: you can go from pink to gray, by turning the cat house. To be found at Ikea Geneva and Aubonne.

Bowls & Indoor bowls

At Petshopping in Geneva, the “Skybar” bowls are stylish, modern and minimalist. White in color, they are available in several sizes. Perfect to blend in a refined interior.

For colorful “pop” designs, VPL offers a ceramic range, perfect for small dogs. The zebra bowl is particularly trendy… exotic and chic!

©VPL ©Petshopping

The store “L’Os” in Epalinges offers a concept of cat bowl that we love: in the shape of a pebble inspired by nature, this bowl will be very pretty in a “Feng-Shui” interior. The practical side is the most important, because you can fill the lower part with sand or gravel to make the bowl heavier and avoid that it moves around the kitchen – A real favorite!

At Meiko à Bulles, we love these two black and white bowls. They are designed especially for Persian and British cats but are also suitable for other breeds of cats and small dogs with short noses. The specially designed shallow depth of these bowls helps cats with flat heads. So, in addition to being very pretty, they are a must have! 

Soft blankets 

Dogs or cats, both love blankets to keep them warm. In addition to being a gorgeous ice brown color, the Hunter brand blanket is washable, great for removing odors and keeping it looking great.

We found the soft blanket “Lilly Trixie” a pretty pink color for its interior that will quickly be adopted by your hairball.


Simple and uncluttered toys

A large choice of toys for our adorable critters at “Pretty Pet” in Geneva: the lobster toy for dogs from the “Hunter” brand will resist the toughest bites. The little sock for cats filled with catnip is a must-have! Take a tour of this pet paradise.

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Sock for cat,
Pretty Pet

Blanket, L’Os

Cushion, Fatboy

Bowl, VPL

Bed “LURVIG”, Ikea

Lobster Toy, Pretty Pet

Bowl Sky Bar, Pet Shopping

Blanket, Pretty Pet

Bed Iglou, Ikea

Bowl Ciottoli, L’Os

Cushion Wouapy, Pet Shopping

Bowls, Meiko