11 January 2022

Pantone 2022 – blue mood

by Redaction NOW Village

The blue-violet Very Peri – code name 17-3938, is the color that has been chosen by the Pantone Institute to inspire us this year, let yourself be seduced.

For 23 years “The color of the Year” is chosen by the Pantone Institute, commercial branch of the U.S. company Pantone, publisher of the renowned color chart with more than 800 colors. The color should make the rain and the good weather this year, because intended to prepare the tendencies for the houses of fashion and agencies of creations in the whole world. Institute Director Leatrice Eiseman on the motivation for this year’s choice of Very Peri: “Encompassing the qualities of blue, but with a touch of purple red, the color Very Peri expresses a lively, joyful attitude and a dynamic presence that encourages bold creativity and imaginative expression.” 

A neutral color but so sparkling that puts everyone in agreement, as well feminine as masculine, this purple blue is a real hymn to life. Very Peri should fit perfectly in our wardrobes, bring style to our furnishings and pep to our decorative objects. Some tracks that should allow you to invite Very Peri in your environment with ease.

Notebook Harry Potter,

Pendule Améthyste necklace,
Rita & Zia

Home fragrance,
Boutique Baroque & Rococo

Mules Cubes Strass,
Roger vivier

Chakra Sahasrarat necklace,
Rita & Zia

Perfume La fille de Berlin,
Serge Lutens

Eyeshadow Hardwired,