20 April 2021

Decoration – Dried flowers

Outdated? Not at all! They are coming back in force in the decoration of our interiors with the inspiration of the kinfolk style: a folk and country art of living.

by Laëtitia Cadiou

We all have in mind these flowers of the fields that we used to dry to transform them into herbarium and to make eternal cards for Mother’s Day. Dried flowers never cease to reinvent themselves, we divert them as we wish to reveal their poetic side. In a bouquet, hanging, upside down or delicately arranged in a glass ball, we are charmed by dried flowers or plants and we could even find some satisfaction in creating our own decoration. Giving a second life to our wilted flowers is in the air of time.
For those who are not yet ready to start DIY, we went in search of some addresses that deliver beautiful floral arrangements, the most? The ideal gift to offer that lasts in time.

In the frame

©Royal Bloom

Royal Bloom in Lausanne, a concept store inspired by the floral and artistic world, is a nice discovery. Lois Vitry-Trapman, the founder, is always on the lookout for new ideas and willingly shares her know-how. Here we like the frames of the Carmela Bogman Studio, a transparent frame to fill with your selection of flowers to brighten up your interior. If you lack inspiration, Royal Bloom regularly offers floral and tableware workshops. Reservations required as soon as health conditions permit. 

38 Rue Marterey, Lausanne  


Under a bell

©Les Petites Créations Enchantées

The big trend is these floral creations installed under glass. Les Petites Créations Enchantées sublimates these flowers that they assemble in a very harmonious way to place them under a bell and make a work of art that we can keep for a very long time. On her instagram account it says Les Petites Créations Enchantées ❤︎ Made with love by Tatiana. We confirm!

Information and rates on request:
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Bouquets and wreaths 

©Maisons Du Monde

The country charm of the bouquet plunged into a vase, another beautiful discovery among the small plant world, Bohola are two friends who have joined forces to devote themselves to their passion, flowers and more precisely dried flowers. They select, they cut, they dry in a dark place and the personal touch: to bring color by spraying them which gives a lot of exoticism and poetry to the compositions.

21 route des Jeunes à Carouge
Instagram account

Maison Du Monde stores are full of small decorative objects with a vintage spirit, such as the Elie model, composed of small bouquets in mini vases placed in a wooden frame with a hessian background, Formentera, a decorative garland made of 10 glass vials filled with dried flowers, or a luminous glass bubble to be hung with immortelle flowers.

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Maisons du monde