18 December 2020

Gentleman’s Club – bob and beanie in the spotlight

by Mélissa Gargiullo

©Alessandro Lucioni / – Jacquemus, Fendi

This winter, the beanie and bob will turn heads! Some accessories for you gentlemen, which we may actually borrow from you! Focus on this season’s trendy hats. 

Who says fashion accessories are only for women? If you look a little closer, you’ll notice that many fashion houses have adopted the bob and the beanie as the main men accessory this season! We could’ve only presented you the bob, but the beanie remains there so both my general! Let’s firstly analyse the catwalk with some prestigious brands such as Fendi, Jacquemus and Paul Smith. Then we shall show you some ways to style the bob and the cap. Finally, NOW has selected some key adresses to go get yourself the trendy accessory of the season!

The men’s accessory at Fashion Week

Fendi proposes an avant-garde style by breaking a total black look with yellow touches. Alongside this modern spirit of the brand, Fendi is not stingy on hats for men. Between hats and bobs, Fendi has prepared the perfect wardrobe for you, gentlemen. We’ve spotted a half leather half cashmere cap in burgundy or gray. An ideal variation for a wardrobe rich in the season’s colors. Fendi also offers an alternative to the cap by presenting the bob, the one from the A/W 2020/2021 fashion show is available in black for a sober look or in fur and zebra patterns for the original touch!

Paul Smith also decided to present many bobs in his show. In sober colors and very passe-partout patterns, the bobs for a total look. Simplicity is the order of the day at Paul Smith, which will undoubtedly appeal to more discreet and classic men. Nevertheless, there is a checkered bob in beige color that stands out from the other hats of the brand, a “vintage” aspect assured. The bobs are all made of nylon canvas, a textile that Paul Smith likes very much, practical to protect himself from the rain. No beanies at Paul Smith, the bob is the star. All you have to do is find the ideal bob!

Jacquemus, the darling couturier of fashion editors, offers us an array of amazing bobs. Always at the cutting edge of fashion, the brand could not miss the IT accessory of the moment. Here, the bobs are stamping True to its color palette, Jacquemus offers light colors for the bobs, which will delight gentlemen who prefer a softer palette.
The beanie is also present here in off-white and light grey. The interesting little touch: the opening on the front of the beanie that will make its effect for men with generous hair. It’s all in the detail at Jacquemus!

In the wardrobe of the Gentlemen

Gentlemen, the bob for a guaranteed trendy effect or the beanie for a timeless classic?

We just went looking for hats and beanies in stores and brands in the region. Not surprisingly, we found many different ones! After all, these are the must-haves of the season to keep your head warm!

Ribbed cap, Hugo Boss

Bob “Raoul”, Hermès

The bobsleigh, Jacquemus

Leather cap, Fendi

Faida hat, KUNA

Nylon bob, Prada

Woollen cap, Sandro