09 April 2021

Fashion focus: maxi trend for XXL bags

by Maria José Aguilar Soriano

©Givenchy ©Dolce & Gabbana

The maxi bags will be the star of the season because they have everything for them: comfortable, practical and stylish. Focus on this trend.

A new era of the It Bag is on the way: huge and often unstructured, XXL bags are one of the most established trends of the spring/summer season, as we have seen with Valentino, Hugo Boss or Givenchy. After the sporty wave of saddlebags and backpacks, the most classic models are coming back. The oversized bags suggest travel and excess, as a desire to escape during this complicated period. Bottega Veneta was one of the first fashion houses to embrace the trend of disproportionate bags, bags that defy the laws of proportion to establish themselves as the radical response to the micro-bag fashion. However, the oversized Valentino Spring Summer 2021 bag, padded, rounded in shape and covered with the brand’s signature studs, won the prize for the largest bag. As for Dolce & Gabbana, the brand presented original designs, as it is a well-known feature of the brand; all offered in fine leathers and fabrics with shapes ranging from circular to rectangular.
NOW presents the coolest maxi bags to hold all the dreams of this spring/summer 2021:

©Max Mara, Pasticcino

Glam look of the day: Callie Hobo

For a glamorous look, we like the Jimmy Choo “Callie Hobo”. This XXL bag will become very practical during the day because it is really spacious so you can put everything you need in it. A simple but chic look for a day of shopping in the city.

Elegant evening look: Max Mara Pasticcino

For the evening or for a more elegant event, we go for the Max Mara Pasticcino maxi. A chic and extravagant accessory to enrich an already sophisticated look. The advantage of Pasticcino? It comes in many colors, ideal for the season!

Casual look: Frannie Cinch

For a casual and sporty look, we like the UGG Frannie Cinch tote bag. This bag will become the center of attention for the whole outfit, creating a balance between minimalism and extravagance. We associate it with a sporty or casual look. Jeans or jogging, the choice is yours!

Look de desk: Grand Cabas Bond

Who says office attire can’t be fun? We’re fans of the Givenchy Grand Cabas Bond maxi-bag to enrich a boring and monotonous office look. Practical, we store all our stuff in it for the day. We suggest combining the maxi bag with bright colors for a “fun” look.


Bold leopard look: the Tote Bag

We accentuate our monochrome leopard print look with the Lacoste “Tote Bag” maxi bag. Did you know that? One of the 2021 trends is prints! Associated with the maxi bag trend, the 0 fault look is yours. We opt for simple and sober clothes to let the maxi bag do its show.

Travel chic look: Travel Folding

We look forward to traveling again soon, and in style! Thanks to Maxi bags, you can’t go unnoticed, so it’s best not to mix the colors of the outfit too much so as not to create contrasts. A black look is elegant and sophisticated. We associate this look with the XXL Longchamp bag “Le Pliage Voyage”. Let’s get going!

Callie Hobo, Jimmy Choo

Iconic Jacquard, Maliparmi, Boutique Basics

Le Pliage XL, Longchamp

Big tote Bond, Givenchy

Frannie Cinch, UGG

Maxi Pasticcino, MaxMara

Tote Leopard, Lacoste