29 November 2022

Fashion Accessories – Eyeglass chains

by Redaction NOW Village

Long considered old-fashioned, eyeglass chains are becoming a precious jewel.

Practical vs. stylish: celebrities, movie stars or influencers prove to us that today, the chain to hang one’s glasses is indeed an irresistible and really practical fashion accessory.

The accessory has been spotted around the necks of the most beautiful, those who run the show when it comes to launching a fashion, such as the Hadid sisters, Kim Kardashian, Dakota Johnson and many others.
We also see the success of the hashtag #eyeglasschain and its thousands of likes.
Today many brands have managed to appropriate this fashion phenomenon by launching collections all more stylish than others to even convert them into a very original piece of jewelry.

Pick your style!

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Jewelry Chain

Eyewear Chain
Miu Miu

The Venetian Chain
VIU Eyewear

Sheila Chain
Jimmy Fairly

Glasses Chain Cord
Yves Saint Laurent

Eyeglass Chains

End caps for eyeglass chains
Perline Beads

Eyewear Chain

Monogram Chain
Louis Vuitton