29 December 2020

Combat Boots invade the asphalt to face winter in style

by Maria José Aguilar Soriano

©Minelli, cLouis Vuitton, ©Roger Vivier

 Military-inspired, futuristic, versatile and very glamorous: combat boots, also known as “rangers”, are the perfect footwear for winter. These legendary shoes have managed to captivate punks, the queen of pop and the icons of the 90s. What’s next?

Timeless and iconic: Combat boots are one of the most enduring trends in footwear. Its name comes from the boots used in the army, part of the military uniform. It dates back to the early 1940s, more precisely to 1943, the period we generally know as the culmination of World War II, during which this shoe was an undeniable success in the military field and acquired the name “M1943 Combat Boot”.
In the 60s and 70s, these boots were crowned as an essential element of British punk style. But it wasn’t until 1990 that it made a remarkable entry into the fashion world. Anna Sui and Karl Lagerfeld highlighted them through their creations. And that’s how the combat boots were found in the catwalks to represent outfits that combine the minimalist and grunge style of the 90s. Today, combat boots are everywhere!

©Punks/Getty Images @Madonna/Getty Images @NaomiCampbell pour Anna Sui

How to wear them?

The main feature of combat boots is their versatility. The key to wearing combat boots lies in the mix of styles. Here is a NOW selection with a little guide to wear them according to your mood. Beware, you will love it!

To walk around the city:

For a romantic and delicate look (yes it is possible to make the combat boots romantic!) we love these Roger Vivier Strass Buckle Rangers. It is precisely this type of combat boots that proves that there is a balance between the grunge effect and the chic touch. A small pastel colored coat, a pleated skirt, the Buckle Ranger on opaque tights and it’s done.

Associated with your long winter coat:

What could be more boring than a long coat, and yet you just have to combine it with combat boots to look crazy. We love to wear our favorite coat (provided it is particularly long or oversized) with the “Giois” Rangers of the Swiss brand: Bally. For sure, it will be THE look of the season.

To combine with your favorite jeans:

Combat boots are perfect when worn with jeans, as long as you make a small cuff to cool it down! We love the Adelphya lace-up boots in bronze color from Minelli for casual days, even if we know that a white shirt would be enough to add a sophisticated touch. The most, their reasonable price.

Wear with Bermuda shorts:

For a versatile and elegant look, we like to combine the must-have La Wonderland Ranger combat boots from Louis Vuitton with Bermuda shorts! Yes, with flesh-colored tights, we dare to wear Bermuda shorts with combat boots! And these are iconic of the House of Vuitton!

At the office:

Combat boots are ideal for a neat and formal yet fashionable office look. We love the D-TRAP Dior combat boots, which will add a grungy touch without overdoing it. They are definitely ideal for your days at the office.

To party:

These Prada brushed leather and nylon combat boots are the perfect match for a little black dress or your favorite evening gown. We especially like these boots to create the offbeat look: between glamour and grunge. A look for the avant-garde and the brave among us!

As you may have read, combat boots are versatile and we love it! They are certainly very grungy and avant-garde, but when combined with glamorous and romantic looks, they blend into the landscape of your wardrobe! Which combat boots girl are you? Grunge, romantic, glamorous or discreet?

Ranger Wonderland, Louis Vuitton


Boots leather and nylon,

Adelphya, Minelli


Viv’ Rangers,
Roger Vivier