24 August 2021

Special back-to-school fashion for kids

by Marie Carrecabe

Complete outfit checklist for a triumphant back-to-school!

Summer is coming to an end and the school bell is about to ring again. NOW Village has a selection of must-have fashion and accessory items for kids in the fall of 2021. Aprons, outfits, shoes and binders are available in our local boutiques.

The Babycoeur boutique in Lausanne, specialist in the world of children, offers shirts and blouses from size 2 to 8 years old, perfect for a light start to the school year. Made of linen and cotton, these shirts are ideal for the first day of school, often synonymous with excitement and discovery. The little extra: a retro design that gives children an air of little angel, what to attract the favors of the teacher.

Back to school means a new pair of slippers. In the children’s shoe store Petit Cricket in Montreux, you will find a wide range of colorful and original slippers. Little hearts, rhinestones, UFOs, turtles, these patterns will seduce your children, and it will be easier for them not to lose them!

©Petit Cricket

Preparing for back-to-school is not an easy task. It’s often a shopping spree of all kinds, between school and extracurricular supplies, and sometimes you don’t have enough time for clothes. At the Tartine & Chocolat boutique in Geneva, we make it easy for you by offering you ideas for ready-made looks. School-appropriate outfits, while keeping the kids happy, like this navy blue girl’s combishort that goes perfectly with this little ecru lace blouse.

Cyrillus has everything your child could possibly need, from coats to pajamas to jogging suits and even costumes. And the one we are looking for the most is the schoolbag! It has to be practical but above all it has to please the one he or she is going to accompany for a whole year. Resistant while being cool, this schoolbag meets all the requirements, and moreover, it is declined in case and in sports bag. The little extra: the store also sells clothes and accessories for adults, which allows you to do your shopping and that of your children in the same place.

©Tartine et Chocolat

Another essential back-to-school accessory: the apron. At Orchestra in Vevey you will find colorful aprons, like the Disney collection, that will boost your child’s creativity. You will also find the Disney collection in the clothing and accessories departments, with, for example, the Mini headband or the Mickey snack box, which will put a smile on the face of those who are not happy to be back at school.

Khaki striped shirt, Babycoeur

“I heart u” shoes, Little Cricket

First Snow” suit, Tartine and Chocolate

Schoolbag, Cyrillus

Little Star, Petit Cricket

Disney apron, Orchestra

“Mieze” shoes, Small Cricket