13 June 2023

Bikini tops at their best

by Redaction NOW Village

Between the bra and the crop top, this swimsuit top will be part of your summer wardrobe.

It’s tiny, and might as well have been worn on the beach or by the pool, but the swimsuit has risen to the top of the summer trend. After the crop top, the brassiere and the bra, the swimsuit top can be worn in almost any circumstance.

From beach to cocktail party

One-piece swimsuit and asymmetrical skirt, Louis Vuitton

Bandeau and Skirt Set FUTURISTA, Etam

Warm and sophisticated evenings 

Let’s have a look at a few designers as they show us how to wear this little fashion item and, above all, avoid fashion faux-pas. Whether tucked under a jacket or worn ostentatiously, it’s easy to go from the beach to the city and end up on the dancefloor, so let’s get our swimsuits on!

Max Mara Spring/Summer 2023 | Tom Ford Spring/Summer 2023 | Zimmerman Spring 2023

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One-piece swimsuit
Louis Vuitton

Bandeau top

Transparent bra
Tom Ford

Gold bralette