09 August 2023

Decoration – The king child

by Redaction NOW Village

Furniture, books, decorative objects… Because nothing is too good for our toddlers, discover the most beautiful selection to create an enchanted world of a child’s bedroom.

Immerse yourself in a childlike world where dreams come to life and imagination knows no bounds. Children’s decorating is much more than a simple arrangement of furniture and colors. It’s an art that invites curious little minds to explore, learn and marvel.

In this article, we’ll guide you through some ingenious and creative ideas for transforming your child’s bedroom into a magical and inspiring space. From tips for creating functional play spaces to playful ideas for stimulating their imagination, we’ll reveal the secrets to designing decor that grows with your child.

Discover how enchanting themes, soft colors and playful patterns can transform a simple room into a fantastical realm where every day is an adventure. Whether you’re preparing a room for an infant, a young explorer or an eternal dreamer, our practical guide will help you awaken the magic of childhood.


The Casa Montessori children’s bed, new at Vinca Major

Casa Montessori Bed, Vinca Major

Constructed from panels of top-quality materials, the Luna Montessori bed is a cozy cabin for sweet dreams and imaginative play. The cot can be used as a second bed, thanks to a drawer for a mattress. A pretty taupe color for boys and girls alike. Available on

The FIRST rocking chair, available at Au Berceau d’Or

Beige Nursing Chair and Footrest, FIRST

The Berceau d’Or boutique in Geneva has been a reference for many years, offering everything you need to create a cozy world for your child. We love the rocking chair and footrest from Maison FIRST, the ultimate comfort for breastfeeding or relaxing.


The lovely FIRST printed wallpaper

Wallpaper My First Friends, FIRST

For the magic touch that will make your bedroom a unique and wonderful place, decorate the walls with wallpaper. FIRST offers a range of wallpapers with original designs. The XXL Wallpaper Collection features adorable prints with teddy bears that will bring sweet moments back to dreamland.

Mimi’lou friezes to stick on

Frise Forêt & Frise Traffic, Mimi’lou

Another idea for adding poetry to the walls of a child’s bedroom is a glue-on frieze that can be applied to all smooth surfaces (walls, glass, furniture, mirrors) and easily removed. The Petit Toi online store offers a pretty variety of ready-to-glue friezes, so you can choose the theme of your choice. Here we’ve chosen cityscapes, transport and cars, ideal for a little boy.


Book selection from Editions Auzou

The library in a child’s bedroom brings charm and magic to the space, while stimulating the imagination. Editions Auzou Suisse books for all ages are carefully selected to fill the colorful shelves. These books open doors to fantastic worlds and encourage learning. Shared reading moments strengthen emotional bonds and create precious memories. It’s a place where every child can give free rein to his or her curiosity and wonder.


The cheerful and colorful Petit Pan lanterns to find at De la Suite dans les Idées

Carpe & Cheval de Mer Lanterns, Petit Pan

Play with light with the cheerful, colorful Petit Pan lanterns found at the De La Suite Dans Les Idées boutique in Lausanne. With its trompe-l’œil scales, this carp or seahorse light floats between sky and sea, as light as foam. For the bedroom, wall lamps, bedside lamps or pendant lights are preferred.

Mimi’lou hanging light garland

The hanging light garland, Mimi’lou

Another lovely source of light: hanging garlands to bring a cheerful, poetic atmosphere into your child’s bedroom. When lit, it gives off a soft, soothing light. 20 paper lanterns on a 220 cm cord for hanging on the wall or on a piece of furniture. Created by Mimi’lou, available at Petit Toi.


The animal rugs from My Little Room

Children’s rugs from My Little Room

Carpeting in a child’s bedroom offers softness, comfort and a defined space for play and creativity. It adds an aesthetic touch to the decor while contributing to soundproofing. It’s a safe space for toddlers learning to walk. In short, it creates a harmonious environment in which your child can flourish. At My Little Room, you’ll find a wide choice of rugs.

Babycoeur’s soft blanket

Blanket to shop at Babycoeur

A pretty blanket to decorate the crib or bassinet and wrap around baby when he comes out of the bath. Made from the softest of materials, the bi-material blanket in soft colors. The Babycoeur boutique offers an attractive selection of high-quality children’s fashion and accessories. Find Babycoeur in Lausanne and Geneva. 

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