08 December 2020

A sustainable Christmas, with chic and natural decoration

by Laetitia Socquet

What if you opted for a slower Christmas this year with an eco-responsible and minimalist decoration? Let yourself be transported into the magical world of Christmas, with the scents of fire, wood and nature.

NOW goes through all the elements of a more sustainable Christmas decoration, on the theme of nature. We present you ecological alternatives and minimalist decoration ideas from local stores and craftsmen.

Trees and Christmas trees

The essential element of a beautiful Christmas decoration is undoubtedly the tree.
The natural tree is elegant and it smells so good! But is it so ecological? Well yes! When we look at the full ecological impact of an artificial tree, the locally cut tree is ultimately one of the best solutions. So decorate your living room with a nice fir tree, a real one, a Swiss one!

©Sapin et décoration

Chapin offers to deliver your tree directly at your place in Switzerland Nordmann or Epicéa, small or tall, you can choose: simple, practical and sustainable!

For a more sustainable approach, the company “Ecosapin” offers trees with pots so you can keep them during the holidays and then will be able to plant them. Choose the size of your tree, the essence and the pot’s color. You can even choose its decoration!

A Geneva-based company; Sapin Et Décoration , offers trees in pots from Switzerland, delivered and installed by gardeners at your place. They can also be taken back after the holidays. An easy sustainable solution and at a very good price.

Our sustainable tip : If you went for a cut tree, do not burn it, bring it to the waste disposal or bring it back to the store where you bought it. offers for example some cut trees that can be brought back and transformed into compost.

To reuse a synthetic tree during up to 15 years, invest in a high quality tree. In Geneva, “Garden Centre Schilliger” is your best option. You will find many high quality trees of different heights.

Our favorite: the green Zermatt, very furnished, its falling branches give the illusion of a fir tree straight out of the mountain.

Christmas Decoration: yes but local!

Christmas baubles

Christmas garlands

©Caramel Beurre Salé Concept Store
©Le Cozy Living

The concept store boutique “Caramel Beurre Salé” in Lausanne abounds in decorations, each as cute as the next! Our favorite: personalized Christmas baubles for family members.
The store also offers candlesticks and little Santa Clauses too pretty to hang on the tree.

The boutique “Le Cozy Living Store”, in Lutry, proposes objects resulting from the craft industry. Their porcelain light garland is ravishing. We particularly like it because it is reusable even after the holidays.



What would Christmas Eve be without its shimmering candles? In the boutique “Caillou” in Geneva, we fell under the spell of their bol-bougeoir. For a natural and wooded atmosphere, decorate the center of the bowl with branches and pine cones found in the woods.

Prefer non-toxic candles to natural wax? The candles “KOCOON” contain 100% natural wax (a mixture of soy wax, rapeseed and beeswax). They are surrounded by a handmade ceramic pot, and you can even choose Christmas scents like walnut or pine.

The Christmas Eve table

Christmas Crockery

Christmas Wreath to decorate your table

The pine cone will make your table shine

©De la Suite dans les Idées

For a more eco-responsible Christmas, we prefer elegant and neutral tableware that can then be accessorized with dice elements.
co, the goal being to be able to bring it out at any time. The store “De La Suite Dans Les Idées” in Lausanne has just received a tableware with nature motifs, all the chic of the simple.

The Christmas wreath to be placed in the center of the table, composed of flowers and foliage, is the main element of your table decoration. We have chosen “Myrtle”, discovery of an exceptional stylist and floral designer, who composes absolutely sublime Christmas wreaths. Her floral compositions are elegant, full and very nicely accessorized. Our favorite: the wreath “Jardin Enneigé“. 

To finish your table decoration, simply pine cones. It is the perfect accessory using no plastic and coming from our beautiful nature. Painted in gold or silver, they will bring a sparkling touch to your decoration. To make yourself or to find in stores. “Schilliger” in Gland, Plan-Les-Ouates or Matran.

Gifts are also part of the decoration

Sustainable gift wrap is becoming increasingly popular. It is a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional gift wrapping that is immediately thrown away.


Gift boxes

Craft paper

©Les Paillettes Vertes
@Do it + Garden, Jumbo

Do you know the Furoshiki? It is a Japanese folding technique to wrap gifts in fabric. To know how to fold it well, many tutorials are available on the internet. “Les Paillettes Vertes” offers special Furoshiki packaging fabrics in various sizes, colors and patterns. They are washable, reusable and made in Switzerland.

In Geneva, go to “Globus” to find beautiful boxes in which to hide your gifts. Easily reusable after the holidays as a storage box or for your next gift. Our favorite: the red round gift box: chic and elegant.

If you prefer to stay with the classic paper wrapping, kraft paper is the best to use since it is recyclable, which is not the case with all gift wrap paper. You will find some at Migros “Do It + Garden” at La Praille in Geneva for example, or at “Jumbo”. In appearance, this brown paper is not incredible, but it is ultra trendy under the tree! Decorated with string, branches and dried oranges, it gives a fresh breeze of nature to your beautiful gifts.