04 July 2023

The book of the month – La Suisse cardinale: Une balade aux confins du pays

by Redaction NOW Village

By Joseph Deiss, Rossolis Editions

In this book, Joseph Deiss recounts the journey on foot of his double, named Gothard, who set himself the challenge of linking the four cardinal ends of Switzerland. Through this exploration of the country’s peripheries, Gothard aims to discover the great diversity: magnificent landscapes, a rich history, age-old traditions and political issues that form the core of this people united under the banner of the Swiss Confederation. The author paints a balanced portrait of Switzerland, oscillating between admiration and criticism, revealing the wonderful, surprising and sometimes unusual aspects of this fascinating country.

Let’s immerse ourselves in the colorful and captivating story of this extraordinary journey, tinged with wisdom and self-mockery.

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La Suisse Cardinale:
Balade aux confins du pays
Joseph Deiss