26 March 2024

Book of the month – Handicap, une vie de tous les jours

by Redaction NOW Village

20 Swiss personalities open up about their disability, which has become a mirror for resilience and inspiration.

In today’s world, where challenges sometimes seem insurmountable, the book “Handicap, une vie de tous les jours”, co-authored by Céline Van Till and Zahi Haddad, stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration. Through the stories of twenty exceptional personalities, this book breaks down the barriers of disability by highlighting individuals who, despite their physical limitations, make a significant contribution to the common good.

Each story is a testament to courage and perseverance. These twenty people, from diverse backgrounds such as the professional world, top-level sport, culture, social work and politics, offer a diverse view of what it means to live with a disability in our society. Their journeys are not just stories of struggle, but above all of success, love and commitment to causes that go beyond them.

“Handicap, une vie de tous les jours” tells the story of these extraordinary lives; it also holds up a mirror to the reader, inviting him or her to reflect on the notion of disability and the place our society accords to those affected by it. In reading this book, we quickly realise that disability is not a hindrance, but can become a driving force for change and innovation, and a catalyst for human solidarity.

Céline Van Till and Zahi Haddad, with their sensitivity and deep respect for their subjects, offer a work that goes beyond a simple collection of stories. This book is a celebration of human diversity and the inexhaustible capacity of the spirit to overcome obstacles. At a time when difference is often perceived as a handicap, “Handicap, une vie de tous les jours” reminds us that it is often in difference that our greatest strength lies.

This book is an indispensable source of inspiration for anyone seeking to understand the essence of resilience and the beauty of the human condition in all its forms. It is a call to reflection, empathy and action to build a more inclusive and caring society.

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Handicap, une vie de tous les jours
Zahi Haddad, Celine van Till
Editions Slatkine