04 February 2021

Books 🇹🇭 a NOW selection

by Laëtitia Cadiou

The top 4 Swiss books to offer . NOW selection.


Find Inspector Andreas Auer’s latest investigation darker and more breathless. The author has once again decided to set the scene in Switzerland, but this time in the depths of the Bex mines. Called urgently for a hostage situation, Andreas and his team will have only a few hours to discover the identity of the kidnappers and their motives. An investigation which will lead them to go back to the origin of the mines. A thriller as we like them: a thrilling story with a frenetic rhythm, we don’t leave the book until we know the outcome.

Les protégés de Sainte Kinga, Marc Voltenauer
Editions Slatkine & Cie
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Who doesn’t know the character Titeuf and his childlike world to discover life in complete freedom. Here you will find a new updated edition with new content. From the first emotions to puberty and the conception of babies, Le Guide du zizi sexuel answers the questions that children as young as 9 years old ask themselves about love and sexuality. This new edition addresses today’s essential topics. Aimed at pre-teens, this book is also a bridge between the questions children ask and the explanations parents are looking for. A book to be put in everyone’s hands.

Le guide du zizi sexuel , HĂ©lĂšne Bruller & Zep
Editions Glénat
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Nice book

LĂ©man, much more than a lake, is a photographic report, an instinctive, deeply human dialogue between two complicit and complementary artists, Claude Dussez and Vincent Guignet. For four years, together they criss-crossed the shores of the lake, met its inhabitants, travelled its emblematic sites, its private beaches and its ignored folds, playing field versus field as well as parallel visions. They deliver a black and white portrait of the lake, completed by ten colorful texts by the writer Blaise Hofmann, for an original and poetic fresco of Lake Geneva. To be offered without moderation!

LĂ©man bien plus qu’un lac, Claude Dussez et Vincent Guignet et texte de Blaise Hofmann
Editions Glénat
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We’ve found the holiday cookbook you need! Our Sweet Christmas” magazine from My Sweet Discoveries guides you through gourmet recipes, local discoveries and gift ideas for young and old! Also available in E-Book version.
A great action, because 50% of the profits are donated to the Partage foundation (foundation that provides food and hygiene products to associations that distribute them to people in need). To please by doing a good deed, it’s Christmas!

Our Sweet Christmas, My Sweet Discoveries
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