20 January 2023

Book of the month – « Seuls en exil » by Fabian Menor, Yrgane Ramon et JP Kalonji

by Justine Le Cam

A moving graphic novel, illustrated by 3 artists, which traces the story of three young migrants in Geneva.

This is the true story of Kocholo, Sebemalet and Ehsan, who are between 15 and 16 years old. Fleeing Afghanistan, Iran or Eritrea, they already had to overcome many difficulties before arriving alone in Europe to find refuge. They think they will be welcomed with open arms, but when they arrive they are confronted with a completely different reality. Left to their own resources in a shelter for underage asylum seekers in Geneva, this book retraces their journey to overcome their situation.

Three artists: Yrgane Ramon (illustrator and author from Lyon), JP Kalonji (painter, illustrator and comic book writer from Geneva) and Fabian Menor (illustrator, graphic designer and comic book writer from Geneva) have collected the stories of these young migrants. They deliver a poignant comic strip balanced between sincere texts and beautiful illustrations to address an inexorable theme.

Yrgane Ramon ⎸ JP Kalonji ⎸ Fabian Menor


In fact, I’m not sure which is worse… Having to leave everything to escape a hostile country in unbearable conditions… Or living here with very little help. A situation stuck, with no future. Ordinary helplessness.

For each copy sold, 1 franc will be donated to the Fund for rejected young people, Coordination Asile Genève. 

« Seuls en exil » by Fabian Menor, Yrgane Ramon and JP Kalonji, Helvetiq editions

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Seuls en exil
Fabian Menor, Yrgane Ramon and JP Kalonji