21 February 2023

Book of the month – “Les Larmes du Lagon” by Nicolas Feuz

by Redaction NOW Village

Nicolas Feuz, master of crime fiction, delivers a fascinating plot, a bloody journey in the middle of a postcard landscape.

Tanja Stojkaj, a former investigator, took the bold decision to leave Neuchâtel and go into exile in French Polynesia with her mother and son. She hoped to lead a peaceful life on the crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches of Bora Bora, far from the clutches of the Balkan mafia.

However, her tranquility is suddenly interrupted when she discovers a body on the coral reef. While the police quickly conclude that it was a shark attack, Tanja instinctively cannot help but dig deeper to find the truth.

Beneath the surface of the turquoise waters of the Pearl of the Pacific, she discovers a dark world of illegal trafficking, hidden poverty and occult beliefs. She finds herself confronted with shocking realities, such as the pollution of the lagoon and the abandoned remains of military equipment.

But Tanja is not at the end of her investigation and will see an even darker travesty emerge – that of metropolitan politics and French nuclear testing. She comes face to face with the dark reality of a world that is not as perfect as it seems, and understands that the line between heaven and hell is often very fine. Tears from the lagoon will have to flow before Tanja’s investigation comes to an end, and for that matter, is there an end?

Once again, Nicolas Feuz, a master of crime fiction from Neuchâtel, delivers a fascinating plot, a bloody journey in the middle of a postcard landscape of the Pacific where corruption and organized crime reign. To be read without moderation!

« Les Larmes du Lagon » by Nicolas Feuz, Slatkine & Cie editions

Photo credit of the author : © Dominique Derisbourg

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Les Larmes du Lagon

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