23 January 2024

The rose for winter

by Marie Carrecabe

The best treatments for incorporating the power of rose into your beauty routine this winter.

Its benefits

The rose is much more than a bewitching fragrant flower. It’s rich in antioxidants due to vitamin A, vitamin C which is particularly effective against dullness, vitamin E ideal for anti-inflammatory action and essential fatty acids – a cocktail of choice for your winter beauty products. Rose’s moisturising properties help to maintain the skin’s moisture balance, reduce redness and soothe irritation. What’s more, its subtle fragrance provides a pleasant sensory experience, taking your skincare routine to a whole new level.

Face cream, mist, balm, rose winter must-have

Bailey Hill in Geneva is a unique concept store offering plant-based beauty treatments, with exclusive products such as Oden brand. A special mention goes to the Botanical Rose Mist, rich in Rose, Geranium and Meadowsweet hydrosols, offering a soothing anti-ageing experience. It regenerates, tones and soothes the skin, while providing a delicate fragrance.

Already a Lancôme best-seller: the Absolue line. We love Crème Fondante, a treatment that instantly moisturises, leaving skin soft and nourished. We notice a fast result, in a few weeks, the skin is deeply regenerated, bringing a remarkable radiance thanks to Perpetual Rose™ and its exceptional regenerative capacities and its incomparable vitality.

Baume De Rose lip pencil by By Terry, a cult classic. Its concentrated rose formula protects and plumps lips, while its precise, ergonomic lead makes application effortless. An essential to keep your lips intensely moisturised all day long, with a delicate rose fragrance and non-sticky finish, a true winter kiss.

By Terry / Oden

Winter make-up removal routine with Dior Prestige

Treat your skin to the ultimate comfort of rose-based make-up removal. Dior offers you a complete cleansing routine, enriched with micro-nutrients from Rose de Granville. Start with Dior Prestige Micellar Foam, which intensely purifies the skin while preserving its balance for optimal comfort. You’ll achieve perfect make-up removal, leaving your skin velvety soft, purified and radiant. Next, discover the new Dior Prestige Cleansing Balm, which respects the skin’s sensitivity while eliminating impurities and stubborn make-up. Its delicious texture transforms into an oil, then into a milk, preserving the skin’s moisture for fresh, nourished skin. Finally, Dior Prestige exfoliating sugar gently exfoliates, leaving your skin impregnated with a texture rich in oils and butters for optimal nourishment and comfort. A complete, gentle skincare routine to pamper your skin in winter.

Dior Prestige

Gentle body treatments

Winter brings its share of challenges for the skin, and Erbolario has come up with a solution by honouring the rose in its Rosa skincare range. This brand favours natural ingredients to pamper your skin during the cold season. Erbolario’s Rose Pourpre shower gel is both moisturising and incredibly gentle, and works perfectly with the 3 Rosa body cream. By using this combination after your shower, you give your skin deep hydration. Your skin becomes silky soft and supple, ready to face the rigours of winter. Finally, for the ultimate sensorial touch, finish off with a light spray of Erbolario’s Rosa fragrance, a real pleasure that perfectly completes your all-rose beauty experience.


Hair and the softness of rose

Let’s not forget to look after our hair when it’s cold. Rose-based shampoos are indispensable allies in moisturising and strengthening your hair, protecting it from the rigours of the cold and dryness. What’s more, rose is renowned for its soothing properties, which can relieve an irritated scalp.

L’Occitane has a web-exclusive Rose range, ideal for the whole body. Our favourite is the Rose shampoo and conditioner, which leave your hair softer and shinier, even in cold weather. Treat your hair to the luxury of rose softness with L’Occitane this winter.

L’Occitane En Provence

Hand cream

Our hands are often the first to show signs of dryness in winter. Choosing a rose hand cream can help keep your hands soft and well moisturised. Its delicate fragrance will also add a touch of luxury to your daily routine. Keep a small tube of rose hand cream in your bag for quick hydration wherever you go. Nuxe Very Rose moisturises, soothes and protects even the most sensitive hands. Its formula, with oily rose extract, moisturises hands and envelops them in a veil of softness without a greasy finish, without forgetting the delicate scent of rose.

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