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01 janvier 1970

Nescens Clinique de Genolier, Professor Jacques Proust works to delay the biological laws of skin aging.

Expertise in the field of senescence, years of research with a range of cosmeceutical products that is making a lot of noise.

par Laëtitia Cadiou

By Laëtitia Cadiou-Artal / NOW Geneva

One career, one goal: the prevention of aging

After working as an internist and geriatrician in Paris hospitals, Prof. Proust pursued his research career in the United States, first at the Gerontology Research Center in Baltimore (National Institute on Aging, National Institute of Health), then at Johns Hopkins University. It was in Europe, twelve years later, that he created and directed the Laboratoire de Recherche en Biologie du Vieillissement at the University of Geneva.

In 1998, he created the Center for the Prevention of Aging at the Clinique de Genolier in Switzerland, whose goal is to provide patients with the latest scientific advances in the prevention and treatment of physiopathological manifestations associated with advancing age.

Parallel to his clinical activity, he has devoted part of his time to research and until 2017 held a position as Professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Geneva. He is also the author of numerous scientific publications in the field of the biology of aging.

Nescens Clinique de Genolier – A real springboard to put years of research into practice

Building on his years of research in the field of senescence, Prof. Proust has developed a deep interest in therapeutic strategies that can slow the effects of aging on the human body. As a major and most exposed organ, the skin has naturally attracted his scientific interest.

How was the Nescens brand born?

Nescens is the result of the medical and scientific expertise of the Centre de Prévention du Vieillissement de la Clinique de Genolier created in 2001 by Professor Jacques Proust, a pioneer in the field of aging biology and anti-aging medicine.

How is the Nescens range innovative?

Resulting from advanced research by the Swiss Genolier laboratories, the Nescens range offers a resolutely innovative anti-aging approach based on the understanding of the molecular mechanisms involved in the maintenance and repair of skin structures. The Nescens skin care system is specifically designed to oppose a rational and effective action to the biological factors recognized as responsible for age-related skin alterations.

What are the latest innovations in terms of anti-aging cosmetics?

With the Nescens stem cell activating serum, the targeted activation of epidermal stem cells is certainly the most important scientific breakthrough achieved in recent years in the field of anti-aging cosmeceuticals.

As we know, these products stand out for their results. For those who are not familiar with the treatments, which ones to choose?

For an effective anti-aging treatment, the Nescens cosmeceutical care device is rational, developed according to 5 steps: preparatory care, serums, corrective care, exfoliants and masks.

We recommend the daily use of preparatory care (cleansing gel and metabolic activating tonic in particular) for optimal skin preparation. The application of the bio-identical rehydrating serum then effectively meets the skin’s moisture needs for 24 hours. Day and night corrective care are the fundamentals of the range, contributing to the activation of biological processes essential to the preservation of the youthfulness of the tissues. Weekly use of an exfoliant (sequential micro-peeling or keratolytic complex) is at the heart of the brand’s anti-aging strategy, to boost cell renewal and restore the main markers of youthfulness. Finally, the application of the bio-identical reconstituting mask, once or twice a week, delivers an active ingredient essential to the restoration of a hydrated, relipidated, firm and resistant tissue.

Is it necessary to use anti-aging cosmeceuticals when you are young to prevent the signs? Or are these treatments reserved once the signs are already present on the skin?

The Nescens cosmeceutical care device is indicated for the prevention or correction of skin alterations related to different types of aging (chronological or photo-induced). From the age of 25, Nescens cosmeceuticals can be used as a preventive treatment.

What is the difference between cosmeceuticals and traditional cosmetics?

Nescens defines itself as a cosmeceutical company. The term cosmeceutical refers to a topical preparation, combining the know-how of the cosmetic and pharmacological industries, and concentrating active components capable of favorably influencing the skin’s physiological properties.

What tips and tricks can I use to preserve my skin, in addition to using cosmeceuticals?

Adopt a healthy lifestyle (balanced diet and regular exercise). Stay hydrated. Limit sun exposure and apply photo-protection.

What would be the ideal anti-aging routine?

The systematic application of preparatory and corrective treatments, serums, exfoliants and masks effectively contribute to the protection, maintenance and improvement of the skin’s youthfulness, while offering a unique treatment experience.

Nescens promotes Swiss made thanks to the Swisscos label, created and manufactured in Switzerland. But how is the brand received abroad?

Nescens products are formulated and manufactured in Switzerland. The “Swisscos Guarantee” label guarantees the Swiss origin of the product. Thanks to its membership of a network of Swiss private clinics, the Nescens brand has built a solid reputation abroad. The Netherlands, Spain, France, China and Russia are all markets that have been successful for the brand.

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